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Why did I choose to teach Krav Maga?

In my opinion, if you have a skill that others may not possess, it's your obligation to impart that knowledge to at least one other person.

Reason #1

I'm a firm believer that everyone should be responsible for their own safety. Society provides us with police departments to respond to incidents, but it's rare that the police arrive just prior to the incident taking place or soon after, when the initiator is still on scene. If you have the ability to protect yourself in a multitude of ways, your chances of survival will increase.

Reason #2

If I believe that every person should be responsible for their own safety, then I have to take responsibility to assist people in learning to do so. There are individuals that take their safety very seriously so I make myself available to help them.

Reason #3

I really have a passion for teaching self defense. It brings me great joy to watch a person's progression from beginning with no experience to understand how well equipped they are with nothing more than their body parts.


In the comment section below, please offer your self defense experiences and thoughts regarding self defense.

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