CURTIS BEASLEY is certified to teach Karate through Kickmasters & Assassins Karate and is currently training in Krav Maga through Hardline Krav Maga Boston. Curtis has been relentless in his study of combat arts. In order to be prepare for the worst case scenario that we all dread. He has excelled in Karate and attained Black Belts in several different styles of combat, in addition to boxing, kickboxing and the all-important street fight. Curtis' goal is to prepare his students physically and mentally to successfully handle any attack.

Determined to find that right balance, Curtis trains in other self-defense systems to further his knowledge and abilities in order to pass onto others. Curtis believes that being prepared doesn’t just stop on the mat. In an effort to assist his students in not just their self-defense goals, Curtis is certified to instruct American Red Cross (ARC) CPR, AED and First Aid. He is also certified thru the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Maryland State Police as a firearms instructor for Law Enforcement, Civilian handgun and shotgun. He is a Safariland Baton (MEB) and pepper spray (OC) instructor as well. Curtis is passionate about self-defense and teaching people to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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