*This course is a live fire course.

*Qualify to carry a firearm in 39 states.

*MA License To Carry

*UT Concealed Firearm Permit 

*Apply in the states of MA, UT, CT, FL,   ME, NH.

*Free use of firearms, ammunition,   eye and    ear protection . . 

*The MA LTC only or UT CFP only   courses offered on the same day.

*Application assistance

*Accompany you to purchase your first firearm

*Qualify to carry a Taser

*We can come to your location-ask for details

You'll warm up by shooting up to 20 rounds of ammo. The practice test involves shooting 30 rounds on a scored target using a revolver similar to the actual revolver used at the test. The distances will vary from 7-15 yards. More time and ammo available for additional cost.


This Seminar will provide you with many tools to make it home safe everyday. Includes: Identify and avoid dangerous encounters, Discourage an attacker, Effective Self Defense techniques, Effectively deploy Pepper Spray and much more.

If you carry concealed or are considering it, this is the course that will provide you with what you need to know in regards to carrying a concealed firearm.


*Massachusetts Self Defense Laws 

*Deadly/Lethal Force (Justification) 

*Effects of Stress (fight or flight) 

*Choosing the right firearm 

*Gear options, do's, don'ts and why

*Draw options & test your speed  

*Training techniques and much more

Up to an hour of shooting instruction, supplied firearm for usage, up to 50 rounds of 9mm ammunition and targets. More time, different caliber or more ammo available for additional cost. This class will help you develop the skills required to become a proficient shooter.

This Rhode Island Course will satisfy the requirements to apply for your Weapons Carry Permit in Rhode Island. 
Classroom, range, ammunition, targets, eye and ear protection, certificate and I will help you choose a firearm when you receive your WCP. 
You must qualify on a range with a score of 195 or better out of a possible 300, with 30 rounds fired at 25 yards on the army “L” target, firing slow-fire. This means you get 10 minutes for each of 3 ten-shot strings.

82 PARKMAN ST. DORCHESTER, MA 02122  hardlinetrainingsolutions@gmail.com 617-606-7554     


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