The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed normal life to a “New Normal” and Hardline is prepared to adapt. Our training in Krav Maga is primarily designed to be able to adapt to adversity and this is no different. Below, we have listed the steps we are taking in order to be prepared for the re-opening of our physical location at 82 Parkman St. 


Hardline will rotate training days: Tuesday & Thursday (L-1 @ 6:30pm—L-2 @ 7:45pm) and Saturday (L-2 @ 9:00am—L-1 @ 10:15am) classes will be at Hardline’s physical location. Most classes will be conducted outside in the parking lot (weather permitting) unless we need to use the mat for a particular technique. Kids classes will be on Saturday @ 11:30. Thursday classes will be Virtual and  start @ 7:00pm for all adult levels. Please keep in mind, this schedule will be fluid and may change depending upon evaluation of its effectiveness. 

Entrance Procedures:

  • Wait outside until it’s time for your class. We want to limit the amount of people in the facility at one time.

  • Please wear a face covering and sanitize your hands as you come in. 

  • Coaches and students will have their temperature checked. If temperature is 100.4 or higher, you will be required to wait 10 minutes and have temperature taken again. After the second time, if temperature is still 100.4 or higher you will be required to leave the gym. 

  • No personal items in the gym except for a water bottle or any necessary pieces of equipment and gear.

  • Please don’t share equipment.

  • Follow our cleaning procedures and clean every piece of equipment you use.

  • Once you’re done with your class, please leave the gym so our staff can clean for the next class. 

  • PLEASE do not come to the gym if you are sick or don’t feel well.

  • If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 please let us know.  

Hardline’s mats and training equipment will be throughly cleaned before and after each class. All students and coaches will be required to wear a face covering and safety glasses/goggles during class. Footwear will be required for all classes, barefoot & socks will not be allowed. If you need to purchase footwear suitable for the mat, you will be able to purchase a pair from Amazon, search for (wrestling shoes). As you know, “outside” shoes will not be allowed on the mat. There will be hand sanitizer available in multiple locations throughout the gym. Students are strongly encouraged to bring at least three (3) hand towels  and/or baby wipes to wipe off sweat during class. Coaches will allow more frequent breaks to wipe off and hydrate.

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